About Josephine

Josephine first discovered the benefits of homeopathy in her early twenties. After suffering from intolerable eczema on and off since childhood, with GPs and dermatologists advising her to simply avoid a growing list of products, she was finally encouraged to see a homeopath. Within two weeks of treatment the eczema disappeared and never returned!

Such quick and lasting results encouraged Josephine to continue using homeopathy and discover more about this incredible system of medicine. She began using homeopathy to treat minor ailments in family, friends and pets and decided to embark upon a comprehensive four-year degree course at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London. The training encompassed all areas of classical and practical homeopathy and fully prepared her for addressing the diverse aspects of health in the 21st century.
A classically trained singer, Josephine combines her passion for homeopathy with her love of the performing arts. She has an understanding of the importance of optimum health and vitality for all performing artists and has treated clients suffering from a range of physical ailments, performance anxiety and stage-fright.  Josephine also has a particular interest in confidence-related issues experienced by teenagers and young adults, allergies, skin complaints and digestive problems. She has published a number of articles in local magazines about the benefits of homeopathy.
Josephine has recently re-located from London to beautiful Dorset, where she enjoys coastal walks with her pet greyhounds Doris and Merlin.

Email: josiefirth@gmail.com        Tel: 07759 829712